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Our amateur radio products help cut study-time 50%!!! These aids use the latest techniques in applied speed-learning to make getting ham licenses supereasy! Thousands of satisfied customers!

TEST ENHANCER:  Subliminal cassette to help overcome exam taking jitters that cause some to freeze, choke, or otherwise lose confidence & thus perform unsatisfactorily during testing.  Contains numerous positive, performance-optimizing phrases. Helps end procrastination in upgrading your license. 1st side in clear; 2nd side subliminal. Only $15 +$2 p&h. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

DOUBLE EXPOSURE:  To build speed, we recommend listening to, not actively trying to copy, code that is two to three times faster than the speed you’ll be tested for. 1st side of 60 minute cassette is familiar phrases. 2nd side is ham words. Good supplement to our subliminal tapes. $15 + $2 p&h each. Specify 26 wpm or 40 wpm.  Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

TEST PRACTICE:  3-tape 60 minute each cassette series allows QSO-type (simulated traffic) exam practice for each amateur radio code exam. Tapes can be rotated to avoid text familiarity. Includes printed text. Specify Novice, General, or Extra Class, as well as Tape 1,2, &/or 3 in respective series. Each tape only $10 + $2 p&h.  Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

Q SIGNALS SUPEREASY:  Over 50Q signals put into mnemonic (memory aid) form for easy memorization Includes numerous common abbreviations. Only $7 postage paid. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

Q SIGNALS SUBLIMINALLY:  Subliminal cassette for all Q signals similar in form to SMCS above. Only $15 + $2 postage & handling. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

CONTACTS:   List of important amateur radio addresses (publications and other important contacts). Publication information includes address, overview, and current subscription price. Gets you quickly into the "Who's Who" and "What's What" of ham radio. $2 postage paid.

PASSING YOUR FIRST HAM EXAM:  Numerous tips to pass the Novice exam on very first try. $2 postage paid.

101 CODE/THEORY EXAM PASSING TIPS:  $2 postage paid or Free with purchase of any other item.

SUPEREASY MORSE FOR PC:  We helped develop this Morse Code program for IBM compatible PC's using DOS 2.0 or higher and believe it to be the best code program value on the market. Does everything! Calibrates and varies speed from 0 to 99 wpm, tone, & spacing Sends letters, numbers, punctuation, prosigns and traditional learning groups as individual characters or groups, randomly or from your keyboard or personally developed file. Quiz function tests recognition, calculates score, & remembers problem characters for further exercise Library generates amateur words, ham words, call signs, DX call signs, and hundreds of hours of QSO's. Time of sending can be set to simulate tests. Program was field tested by members of amateur radio clubs at IBM. Program was editorially mentioned in
Digital Digest, Nuts and Volts, and the newsletter of the National Association of Radio and Telephone Engineers. $20 + $3 postage & handling.  Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

"FREE" MOBILE TELEPHONY:  Memory aids developed by psychologist/engineer guaranteed to help you obtain an FCC amateur radio license with voice & "free" mobile telephone privileges in only 15 hours of study, about one fifth of the average study time it traditionally takes. Editorially mentioned in the newsletter of the National Association of Radio & Telephone Engineers. Includes "Morse Code Made Memorable," which allows you to learn & remember code in as little as 1 hour (some can even do it in as little as 10 minutes). Only $19 + $2 p/h. Satisfaction or money back.

BAHR METHOD CODE SPEED READING:  Booklet overviews the Bahr Method for learning & increasing Morse Code Speed.  Special instructions & exercises are included which are particularly effective for use with code readers/monitors. If you
already have a code reader/monitor but don't have this information, you're sitting on a gold mine without a shovel! $7 postage paid. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  A psychologist-engineer-businessman, William J. Bahr (KB4WIT) is an associate of Bahr No Products, an innovation development company.  Bill has directed marketing departments for a number of major corporations and, while in the military, worked at an U.S. Embassy. He has two and a half decades of full-range experience in telecommunications: integrated circuits (chips), subsystems, and systems marketing, as well as communications management.  His work helped spark the current revolution in facsimile machines. In fact, if you have used a FAX, PC modem, or telephone, you have probably used one of his many products.  The prestigious magazine Electronic Business headlined one of his product development efforts as a "Secret Success Story."  A graduate of West Point with 3 masters degrees & several patents to his credit, he has been mentioned in numerous trade journals as well as general publications such as
Newsweek and The Washington Post

73. KB4WIT (Knowledge B4 Wit) AR K

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