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Theories under test while sitting/standing at desk and writing book at bottom of page.


2/10/2017  Prolotherapy helped somewhat, although I didn't understand the necessity of bicycling and standing on one leg, which builds up the muscular system. I was afraid of damaging the ligaments.  Have done the exercises since, especially the rotations such as clamshells (which were discourage) with thera-bands as well as one-legged half-squats, which build up the gluteus medius and minimus which on my MRI had showed signs of tendinitis and led to a labral tear.  Much improved since then!
I also use an inexpensive wobble board (2 inches top/bottom; I paid under $20).   

I also use a DYI (Do It Yourself) $10 Standing Desk I've developed.  Here's a photograph:


6/21/2016  I am now investigating the possibility of my having a hip sprain (loose ligament; unstable hip) and will be going for a prolotherapy session in a couple weeks.  Will need 4-6 weeks to see if need additional sessions of causing inflammation to the ligaments/tendons to strengthen them and stabilize the hip.  General information about hip sprains (doesn't mention prolotherapy):





Chad Madden Physical Therapy:

Active Life Seat:  Cushion for Piriformis Syndrome (pseudo-Sciatica).

Don't sit too long?  Free downloadable countown timer for PC.  Free downloadable countown timer for PC

Where is it?

Stenosis (closing in on the nerves):  Raise the bridge or lower the water?  Magnesium to reduce calcium build-up and allow more room for the nerves?  To reduce the size of the inflamed nerves, use natural anti-inflammatories (Vitamin B12, ginger, turmeric, etc)?

To help muscles regrow, use heat, protein, and gentle massage?  To calm the muscles, use magnesium and heat?

Pain in myofascial trigger points due to lack of blood flow?  Try dry needling of pain points as cannot find reliable chart of obturator internus trigger point(s).

Increasing blood flow in tendons difficult?  Regrowth through:  protein, enzymes (colorful fresh fruits and vegetables), vitamin C, type 1 collagen, zinc, omega 3s, glucosamine sulphate, exercise?   Or through prolotherapy:  Dr. Cantieri?  Other doctor on PDF?

Try prolonged standing in increasing timeframes to stretch and strengthen the muscle.

Exercise increases pain?  Back (no pun intended) off?!!

Check out?
Check out?
Check out?

Check out?

Planks, PCATs, and Protein? 


Below focuses on a painful muscle injury in the hip (butt) which can possibly be caused by jumping repeatedly on a mini-trampoline.  Or hip tendinitis?????????!!!!  Mildly progressive lunges are recommended for hip tendinitis, simultaneously lengthening/tightening. 


Obturator Internus

PDF Link to pictures, references, videos, and website information.

Note:  Does turning Active Life Seat (mentioned above) 180 degrees help with obturator internus problems, as leaning forward towards a desk rocks the thighs and lifts the painful buttock area upwards and away from the chair?





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