Cemetery Memorial for Veterans

in Bloomingdale

Also known as "Chuck Franzen's Dream"


St. Paul Evergreen Cemetery
219 E. Lake Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

To our knowledge, our Memorial is the only one in the nation containing relics from all major American wars. Relic details below.








Dedication of bench for Bill Wolff by grateful neighbor Maryann Falco and family. 
16 December 2016


Bloomingdale Historical Society's Garden Install 5 June 2017


Memorial Day 2017 Rifle Salute

Approximately 300 people attended 2017 Memorial Day ceremony (see photographs on Facebook). Thanks to the volunteers at Saturday's cemetery clean-up: Medals of Honor to Chuck Franzen and Cemetery Board's Steve Kreis. Distinguished Service Crosses to St. Paul's Pastor Jeremy Heitkam, Cathy Kreis, and Jeff Bergmann, and to Bloomingdale Historical Society's Bonnie Homola, Marsha Franzen, Madonna Randecker, Emil Zidek, and Bill Bahr. There and not listed, please contact Bill. Thanks to all who helped clean-up and to all those who attended the ceremony honoring our fallen. Best kept secret in Bloomingdale? To our knowledge, our Memorial is the only one in the nation containing relics from all major American wars. Relic details below.  





19 Nov 2016 Dedication Keynote Address by Bill Wolff

Rifle/musket Salute

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g33MgaXr_U

Approximately 100 in attendance.  Temperature 39 degrees Fahrenheit (w/o windchill) 

Monument Dedication Service held on Saturday, November 19, 2016, at 1 pm, followed by refreshments.

John Ross Bench, Veteran Grave-markers, Ted Dabrowski & POW/MIA Benches,
Buried Relics from All Major American Wars, Veterans Monument, and Final Resting Place of 85 Veterans. 
Site of Bloomingdale's Annual Memorial Day Ceremony.
--  A hallowed place to contemplate, meditate, and remember....

"The Things They Buried"
If you know a veteran who would like to have a very small (no more than say 1 inch cubed) military-related personal memento
buried underneath the memorial, please have them get in touch with Bill Bahr at email address below.

19 November = 153rd Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address!




From the October 2016 issue of the Village of Bloomingdale Almanac:

"In other news, the Bloomingdale Historical Society, along with Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539 and St. Paul Evangelical
Church will take part in a dedication ceremony of a Veterans’ Memorial to be erected in St. Paul Cemetery on Lake Street.
The Memorial is 4’ x 5’, made of black granite and is engraved on both sides with the emblems of the five branches of service.
It is a memorial dedicated to all veterans.

"The monument was purchased by the Bloomingdale Historical Society, thanks to the generous underwriting of eight individuals who immediately stepped forward when they learned of the plan. All three organizations are extremely grateful to Franco Coladipietro, Joe Salerno, Bob Czernek, John Dabrowski, Sam Tornatore, Don Puchalski, Paul Fichtner and Bridget Mondt.

"The dedication will take place during the weekend after Veterans Day. Time & exact date is not yet firm. Details will be listed on the Bloomingdale Village website, the Historical Society Facebook, as well as through the Village’s E-news. A special invitation is extended to all veterans. Refreshments will follow at St. Paul Evangelical Church."






Thank you to Senator Mark Kirk for providing a special American flag for our Cemetery Memorial dedication! 
The flag was flown over the United States Capitol on Flag Day, 14 June.  Dedication date is 19 November. 

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Use your smartphone at the cemetery to locate veteran graves.




Monument installed on September 27, 2016.  Dedication date November 19, 2016.
Monument weighs 1780 pounds. Made of "China Black" granite. Maximum Dimensions: 3 feet high, 4 feet long, 15 inches deep.
Specifics: Height: 38 inches; Length:, 36 - 48 inches (tablet, base); Deep: 8-15 inches (tablet, base).  Pole is 20 feet high. 



May 30, 2016 is the 150th Anniversary of Memorial Day!



Artist rendition and progress with mock-up as of end of April 2016.
Pad and  benches donated by Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539.
Monument donated by the Bloomingdale Historical Society.

12 May effort:

Chuck Franzen


30 May 2016 -- Memorial Day

Monument ordered & to be in place by 11 November 2016, Veterans Day.

Josephine and John Dabrowski behind bench honoring Ted Dabrowski,
long-time honor-guard flag-raiser and VFW Post 7539 benefactor.


     In remembrance     


Memorial Day 2007



Buried at the Memorial is a collection of relics from all major American wars.








Saint Augustine - Pre-Revolutionary



Fort Necessity, PA  -  French and Indian War



Battle Stony Point, NY -- Revolutionary War



Battle of Kings Mountain, SC -- Revolutionary War



West Point Chain --  George Washington's "Key of America"  -- Revolutionary War


Mount Vernon, VA, home of George Washington -- Revolutionary War



Yorktown, VA, British Surrender; Hamilton Storming Redoubt 10 -- Revolutionary War



Siege of Vincennes, IN -- Revolutionary War



Burning of Washington, DC (Marine Corps Barracks) -- War of 1812



Battle of Tippecanoe (Lafayette, IN) -- War of 1812



Battle of Waterloo (Belgium; British loyalist Americans) -- Napoleonic Wars




Queretaro, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterey (Mexico)  -- Mexican American War 



Battle of Chancellorsville, VA -- Civil War



Battle of Manila Bay, Philippines -- Spanish American War



Battle of San Juan Hill, Cuba --  Spanish American War


Battle of the Somme, France -- WWI


Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, DC -- WWI thru Iraq War



Utah Beach, Normandy, France  -- WWII



DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ), Panmunjom, Korea --  Korean War ("Conflict")



Berlin Wall, Germany -- Cold War



Phan Tiet, Vietnam -- Vietnam War



War on Terror, Pentagon, Washington, DC -- Vietnam War



Afghanistan and Iraq Wars -- Memorial in London, England




Photos of individual items on Facebook:  Cemetery Memorial for Veterans

American was Wellington's Chief of Staff at Waterloo

By Veterans Day 2016, we are considering burying another collection from the community of very small war relics. 
If interested in donating relatively indestructible relics (no photographs), please contact the webmaster: 

Possibility of flagpole lighting fundraiser is being investigated.


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                   John Ross Family, 2014                                             Otto Knapp grave with veteran gravemarker, 2008


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Veterans in St. Paul Evergreen Cemetery
219 E. Lake Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(East and West Sides)




East Side Cemetery


West Side Cemetery 



Honoring the past, protecting the future.  Memorial Day 2012.




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