"4UlantineTM":  A time and adrenalin-wasting email which is 1.  Unsigned, 2. Undated, 3. Unbelievable, 4. and, upon further investigation and with really no great surprise, Untrue.


"Big Half-truth":  A version of the "Big Lie," as it is meant to deceive through distraction.  Vis-a-vis "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth."


"Channel Lock":  A person who cannot answer your question or have a dialog with you without forcing you to first go through their channel or script of numerous comments or questions that may have little to do with your primary interest.  You are locked into their channel, hearing them out, and dealing according to their mental map.  In the process, you are often made to feel like an idiot.    NB:  Channel Lock is the brand name of a tool company.  Its slip-joint pliers have distinctive channels (tongue-and-groove)  that lock the pliers in position, preventing position slippage once selected.      



"Dead off the bag":   Baseball analogy:  Because of the circumstances, the base runner can obviously be seen to be dead/out before even leaving the bag and trying to reach the next base.  Strategically and tactically, a futile move (only redeemable if viewed as a sacrificial effort allowing advance elsewhere).  Otherwise, doomed from the start!    


"Eureka, I've defined it!"  You'll find a problem well-defined is half-solved!! 

  Archimedes:  "Eureka! Eureka!"  ["I've found it! I've found it!"]


"Help your car 'B[e] AGLOW'!":  Check for Battery, Air, Gas, Lubrication, Oil, Water.


"Knocked off the tractor":   Losing income or power through losing your job and/or being deprived of access to leveraging tools or the unique position you had due to barriers to entry or privileged marketing channels.  Losing a powerful, hard-to-recover position. 


"Licentiousnarian":  unprincipled, opportunistic, Pseudo-libertarian:  "Liberty for me, but not for thee!"  "Arbitrary power [tyranny, dictatorship] is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness [lawlessness, anarchy]." -- George Washington  

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"May the force be with you!"  Visualize work in its simplest components, force vectors:  Don't make things overly complicated:  What you're really looking for here is just a downward pull on the lightbulb chain.  Look for a simple solution to more easily "see the light"! 



Put iCe in your Hires!  And hire "kniCe" people:  people with KNowledge, Intelligence, Character, and Energy!  But above, all Character!  


"Self-hating socialist":  Euphemism for a person collecting or aggressively seeking one or more substantial government pensions or benefits, working for the government or government contractor, yet railing against socialism or those competing with him to feed and foul at the federal trough:


"Stadium race": 
To those not familiar with a circular race in a stadium, at the beginning and for quite a while, it will look like those on the outside lanes are winning.  However, in actuality, the initial positioning is to compensate the "outsiders" for not having the advantages of the shorter lanes for the "insiders."  A long time ago, I remember my older son's basketball coach pulling out our best players when we were ahead, apparently not fully realizing that the other team was obviously much better than ours and temporarily short their best player.  Despite the fact that our team played their hearts out, you could see their immense fury and frustration that our chance of victory was being sabotaged by our very own leader.  Needless to say, we lost when the other team's best player came back in.


"Up and to the right":  Profitably. 


"What do you really need?"  A drill or a hole?  If just a hole, consider the economic alternatives:  borrow and rent to buy:  Or maybe you can poke or chisel the hole?  Be creative and focus on the end result to be achieved!



Who? You?:  If you're reading this, this might be you:  an autodidactic polymath.  Autodidactic:  self-taught.  Polymath:  a person of wide-ranging knowledge.






"Zombie-free Zone":  

The radio-active culture these days has seemed to charge-up an "us-vs-them" rage amongst a certain unthinking portion of the population, directing that group to rise up and viciously attack anyone who doesn't immediately identify with "us"-identifying-passwords/codewords.  Unfortunate!  For anyone then identified as "them," it's almost like doing battle with wanting-just-to-fight, raging zombies -- an unlimited supply of robotic aggressors who are dead to knowing that logic has killed them, and yet they still come!!  Could "them's" limited time and energy be better spent elsewhere? Is there a zombie test to know with whom one's speaking and if there's a chance of real communication? Can one see them in a mirror; will a mirror show they're breathing?  In the meantime, can one escape to a Zombie-free zone? 

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"Arbitrary power [tyranny, dictatorship] is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness [lawlessness, anarchy]." -- George Washington

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