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Our amateur radio products help cut studytime 50%!!! These aids use the latest techniques in applied speed-learning to make getting ham licenses supereasy! Thousands of satisfied customers!

MORSE CODE MADE MEMORABLE:  Book introduces amazing, new, supereasy mnemonic (memory aid) technique, the Bahr Method. Ends problems of learning Morse Code & allows student to learn & remember code in as little as an hour (some have even done it in 10 minutes). Ideal for beginners (to include spouse & kids) as well as for those who have forgotten the code. Especially ideal for teachers to avoid student dropouts; no longer is "I just can't learn the code" a valid excuse. Gets the student quickly & easily past the psychological barrier of leaning the code & confidently on to the main job of increasing code speed. A useful survival technique. Applications in amateur, commercial, & military radio. Employs a special, easily memorized table to change letters of the alphabet into words, similar in form to "A" is for "Apple" learned in grade school. Representations of Dots and Dashes, these specially designed words are then associated with one another in story form through the commonly used "link" memory method & allow one to easily convert letters into Morse Code. Other code memorizing techniques are also described, as are methods for increasing send/receive speed. Includes general questions & answers about code use, phonetic alphabet, general information on codes, amazing aids for easy memorization of punctuation & operating symbols, a method to easily learn & remember numbers (operating times, frequencies, & call signs), as well as a fascinating account of the history of telegraphy and the major figure behind it, Samuel Morse. Editorially mentioned in the newsletter of the National Association of Radio & Telephone Engineers. Only $15 postage paid. Satisfaction or money back guarantee.

MORSE CODE MNEMONICS: Cassette tape of "Morse Code Made Memorable." Ideal for introductory amateur radio classes. Only $15 postage paid. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

SUPERFAST MORSE CODE SUPEREASY: Perhaps the best & easiest way to improve Morse Code speed is through this subliminal cassette. Unlike other cassettes on the market, can be used while driving to work or actively engaged in other activities. Does not require "hard" thinking. Takes advantage of 3 advances in learning:  repetition (voice-over-code alphanumeric progressions); receiving leveraged by sending; & subliminal (below conscious level of perception) learning. Also involves the same proven, natural techniques (immersion and anticipation), which we all used as children in learning to speak. Individual word rates from 5-20+ words per minute & character rates from 13-25+ wpm. Tape is 30 minutes per side (1st side in clear; 2nd side subliminal). Good for both Novice (beginners) & General class.  Editorially mentioned in the newsletter of the National Association of Radio & Telephone Engineers. Also used by many amateur radio clubs.  Only $15 postage paid. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

EXTRA SUPERFAST MORSE CODE SUPEREASY:  Subliminal cassette good for those attempting the Amateur Radio General and Extra Class examinations. This cassette recommended if one has already passed Novice. Individual word rates at 20-25 words per minute & character rates at 25-35 wpm. Patterned after SMCS cassette detailed above. Only $15 + $2 postage & handling.  Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

ULTRA SUPERFAST MORSE CODE SUPEREASY:  Subliminal cassette patterned after Superfast Morse Code Supereasy, but without the voice. Word rates at 40-50 wpm. Excellent for those wanting more help to nail down the Extra Class license or
progress beyond 20 wpm.  Only $15 + $2 postage & handling. Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

SPEED ENHANCER:  Subliminal Morse Code cassette concentrates on numerous frequently occurring words (e.g., but, cud, when, wud) & word parts (e.g. ing, ed) to help you gain Speed by hearing words rather than letters. Patterned after SMCS above. Only $15 + $2 p&h.  Satisfaction or moneyback guarantee

ACCURACY ENHANCER:  Subliminal cassette to gain consistent accuracy on & eliminate confusion between the more difficult alphanumerics of high-speed Morse Code, e.g. "v" & "4," "5" & "h" & "5," etc. Patterned after SMCS above. Character speed at 13-35 wpm.  Only $15 + $2 p&h Satisfaction or money back.

TEST ENHANCER:  Subliminal cassette to help overcome exam taking jitters that cause some to freeze, choke, or otherwise lose confidence & thus perform unsatisfactorily during testing.  Contains numerous positive, performance-optimizing phrases.



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