How to Win

Alternative Titles (Strategy:  Pure & Simple; Strategy:  Principles & Practice; The Science of Strategy)


What is “winning?”  The aspiration of most people on this planet, its definitions are numerous and multifacetted.  To some it means conquest and vanquishing an opponent.  To others it means never losing.  To still others it means achievement and success, the favorable termination of a venture.

The fact that “winning” means different things to different people is itself indicative of man’s progress, his success at winning.  If to win, one must have an opponent, then man’s opponent could be nature, another man (or men), or himself.  Whatever his opponent, man has achieved varying degrees of success.  Through the natural selection of evolution, man has generally proved himself to be a “winning” part of nature.  In his continuing upward struggle, he has raised himself from warrior to politician to businessman to self-actualized artist.

This book looks at a number of man’s primary activities that closely involve the concept of winning.  Each of these areas is overviewed, presenting not only the theoretical requirements for winning within each area but interesting examples of excellent practioners of winning principles.  This is important, because, while a man may be a self-actualized artist, his survial still depends upon skills that belong to the warrior, politician, and businessman.

The final section of this book demonstrates how what is learned in one areas of man’s existence can be applied to another.  This section looks at the essence of winning, those concepts common to all the previously discussed aspects of successful human action.  If the word strategy is a name for an overall plan of how to win, then the title of this section should be “Pure Strategy.”

Upon completing the book, the reader should be famliar enough with the general concepts of winning to be able to easily and effectively apply them to both the extraordinary and ordinary events of daily life.  NO other document has ever put such a comprehenseive array of time-tested “power tools” into such easily understood lanugage and usable format. 

WAR:  Introduction; Definition; Theorecticians (Machiavelli; Jomini & Clausewitz; Schlieffen; Foch; Patton; Liddell Hart; US Army; Charles Grant; & Griess); Practitioners (Hannibal; George Washington; Frederick the Great; William Travis; Lee & Jackson; Sitting Bull; Hitler; Trotsky; Maginot; Mao Tse Tung; MacArthur; Ho Chi Minh & General Giap; & Rowe).
STRATEGY:  Business; Competition; Product Planning; Product Management; Business Commentary; Management and Training Personnel; Instant Productivity; Problem Solving; Problems; Selling; Negotiating.
PERSONAL:  Purchasing Agent’s Negotiations; How to Size Up People; Tactics; Staying at the Top; Career Security; Skills; Principles; Practioners;

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About the author

William J. Bahr is VP of IBEX Systems, a telecommunications manufacturers’ representative and reseller firm, which he helped found in 1992.  A graduate of West Point, Bill served five years in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, collecting three master’s degrees and working in Germany, Cambodia (the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh), and Korea before moving into commercial telecommunications business involving semiconductors, subsystems, and systems marketing, as well as communications management.  He has held marketing/sales directorships at Harris, Spartan, Rockwell, and Motorola and has written books and numerous magazine articles on academic, technical, and business-related subjects.  His work helped spark the revolution in facsimile machines.  In fact, if you have used a FAX, PC modem, or telephone, you have probably used one of his many products.  Numerous publications, including “Newsweek” and “The Washington Post,” have mentioned his work.  The prestigious magazine “Electronic Business” headlined one of his product developments as a "Secret Success Story."  The American Management Association heralded this same effort as doing business "Japanese-style to beat the Japanese at their own game."  A number of his other products have also received industry "Product of the Year" awards.  In addition to memberships and leadership positions in several professional groups, Bill is an active participant in Rotary International, where he has held office as club president and assistant district governor.  He is also a proud member of the VFW and CHARACTER COUNTS!, among other community service organizations.

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