Inexpert Opinions and Haphazard Hyperbolic Hypotheses

       Caution:  Check with Your Physician First Before Trying Anything that Could Affect Your Health
                                            Copyright 2000-2014   William J. Bahr

Hyperactivity & "pH Deficiency"

Sleeplessness?  Waking up at 2-3 am in the morning?  Check body saliva aciditv with litmus paper.  Body should be close to 7 in pH. Acidity symptoms include agitation (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Attention Deficit Syndrome?), sleeplessness (especially around 2-4 am related to liver problems), digestive problems, & many other problems.  One interesting effect is early, accentuated pain along affected organ acupuncture meridians.  Deep breathing overcomes respiratory acidosis.   Metabolic acidosis is increased by food resulting in acidic ash (result after body digestion), causing the body to become acidic.  Acidic ash foods include meats & grains, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee (even  decaffeinated), & fast, cooked foods.  Food resulting in alkaline ash include fruits & vegetables, especially melons and, believe it or not, citrus.  Dairy foods result in a neutral to slightly acidic ash.  Water has a neutral effect on the body.  Optimal body pH results in a healthy environment for intestinal bacteria which generate B vitamins for body use (interestingly evidenced by bubbly. vitamin B-6 based urine).  For proper body pH, best of all is a traditionally balanced diet.  To overcome temporary acidity and late night sleeplessness, try a grapefruit or orange juice.  Magnesium or other anti-acid tables may work well, temporarily, in a pinch.  Sulphur containing vegetables such as onions and radishes also provide the body a nice pH buffer.  General tip: check saliva pH in the morning before brushing your teeth.  Will this help with health improvement?  We welcome experimental feedback.

My own theory is that children are developing ADHD because they are taking in too much acid-generating food:  starches, proteins (meats), carbonated beverages (carbonic acid), and over-cooked/processed foods.  ADHD symptoms are very similar to those produced by acidosis.  How to tell?   A simple pH saliva test.   Think about it!  What does a typical child eat in a two-income household:  pizza and coke!!  Very few fruits and vegetables.  Again, we welcome experimental feedback. 

Arthritis Art

Dale Alexander, The "Cod Father" (as seen on many nationally syndicated TV shows) suggests that many types of arthritis are the result of body inefficiency in getting oil to the joints, much as the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz needed oil.  The Cod Father has claimed many cures & has been invited to be on numerous TV shows with nationally known talk show hosts.  His book,
Arthritis and Common Sense, has sold many (millions?) of copies by word of mouth alone.  Essentially, cod liver oil is recommended as a cure, being the oil closest to the one in the human body associated with lubricating the joints.  The best way to take it is by taking a tablespoon stirred into orange juice every night on an empty stomach.  Or, presuming one can tolerate the smell, one can rub it on the affected pails of the body.  One supporting hypothesis regarding arthritis is that it is the result of tension, causing the gall bladder to become unable to dump bile originally from the liver into the stomach, resulting in loss of digested fat/oil, and thus lubrication for the joints.  Supporting this theory are other arthritis theories such as avoiding extensive use of citrus (which cuts oil), extensive bathing with soap (which cuts oil), and cold (weather or iced drinks - which may cut bile flow).  Most of these theories seem to concentrate on arthritis pain as differentiated from actually repairing damaged joints (which may be accomplished by glucosamine chondritin), although the fat soluble vitamins in cod liver oil (A, D, & some E). may actually work together with calcium to slowly rebuild the joints.  Use of cod liver oil may take three weeks or so before relief is noted.  Another method may be to insure that the body actually absorbs the oils/fats ingested by taking digestive enzymes, particularly ones containing bile (check with doctor for health issues).  If these arthritis theories are true, one may attempt to do all one can to assist and not assault one's liver: chew food well; eat moderately sized meals; cut out problem items such as alcohol, tobacco, non-prescribed drugs, soda pop and soda water, caffeine, etc; and look into other liver support programs.

Extra Electrons

An interesting, possible new solution for body acidity is a product called Active h-, which balances the body's chemical terrain (related to accupunture meridians?), providing extra electrons for biochemical interaction via super-antioxidant (reducing) action.  Benefits for health are alleged to be numerous and wide-ranging.  Cholesterol deposits in the arteries are likened to rust (oxidates).  Fresh foods have been shown to be rich in free electrons (and enzymes) to counter oxidation.  Active h- is supposed to be 1000 times richer in free electrons than the best of antioxidant foods.  Active h- is also supposed to easily allow the body to rehydrate itself.  Dehydration is alleged to be one of the causes of aging.  This product sounds almost too good to be true.   Active h-'s inventor has been nominated for the Nobel prize.

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