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Revolutionary War Soldier's Clothing


Charleville 1766 with 1777 bayonet



A watercolor painting by Charles M. Lefferts depicting a variety of Continental Army uniforms


Other 2nd Virginia UniformAOther 2nd Virginia Uniform B.  Other 2nd Virginia Uniform C.

Williamsburg Commentary on Virginia Regiment Clothing

Authenticity Issues

Outfitting an American Revolutionary Soldier    Tarleton's Quarter 2VA Uniform Commentary

Rev War Uniform Rank Insignia     Army Uniforms   Rev War Virginia Uniforms

What It's Worth


Event Cover

Definition of white, linen "small clothes": waistcoat (pronounced "weskit"), fall-front breeches, & white stockings.



Canteen with stopper and whistle tied to lanyard.


Rawle's 1777 Cartridge Box

or (with musket towel, sewn-own whisk/pick, and leather cord leading to tool in pocket)


Pictures above of 2nd Virginia Regiment members at NWTA Cantigny encampment

Picture above includes NWTA members at Re-enactor Fest.


2nd Virginia Regiment members above on front line, center to right. 


Book with illustrations based upon recent 2nd Virginia members:  Let It Begin Here! 

Vendors:  Crazy Crow, Godwin, Jarnagin, Jas. Townsend and Son, Loyalist Arms , & Track of the Wolf
Clothing materials and patterns:  Wm Booth, Draper

Avalon Forge    Just2Tailors   Smoke & Fire   Various

Excellent Clothing & Equipment Books:  Sketch Book 76  The Revolutionary Soldier:  1775-1783

Militia & Soldier Clothing  Civilian Clothing

18th Century Clothing and More (Living, Trekking, Surival:  Woodsrunner's Diary)

History of Revolutionary War Uniforms

NWTA Patterns  f

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