STRATEGY: Pure & Simple:  New book reveals 101+ ways to win.  Unveils powerful moves to win anytime, anywhere. Includes many new, highly effective tactics for easily and ethically winning in competition and cooperation. Essential in politics, business, war, sports, and games. Written by a successful corporate director and West Pointer. Makes protecting yourself supereasy!

Details: Offering you a wealth of strategies, this book collects the most powerful, winning techniques from the time of Troy to today. It introduces you to the essence of winning, those universal principles common to all success. Here, in this "philosophy" of pure strategy, the work of the master theorists, from Sun Tzu through Machiavelli and Clausewitz to Drucker and Deming, is integrated and improved. Distilling the essence of competition and cooperation, the book imparts the timeless rules of winning, those surprisingly simple yet critical formulas which change a situation to your advantage.  It also crystallizes the powerful methods of attack and defense so you can use them in any application, whether general life, games, sports, business, politics, martial arts, or war. In "one lesson," you'll learn all the winning moves you'll ever need to know. In presenting many new discoveries for winning, the work helps change the field of strategy from art towards science.   In doing so, it unleashes for you the pure power of strategy.

Table of Contents:

INTRODUCTION... Definition of Strategy, Problem Solving.
COMPETITION... Situational Environment, Competitors,
Intelligence, Strategizing,
Deception, Goals, Efficient Pursuit, Encounters and Probes,
Division of Forces, Lure, Sacrifice,
Distraction, Dispersion, Combinations, Indirect Approach, Pivot,
Efficiency, Attack Maxims, Defense,
Self-defense, Area Defense, Formations, Defense Maxims,
Application, Advice, Competitive
COOPERATION... Needs, Direction, Tests, Loyalty, Structure,
Rules, Ethics, Cooperative Summary.
STRATEGIC ASPECTS...Definitions, Symbology, Rules of Thumb.

No other work has put more time-tested "power tools" into such clear language. Use it to become a successful general, general manager, or contributor at any level.  Helping you win in just one situation makes it easily worth the price. Only $10 + $3 postage/handling.   Satisfaction or money back.  Latest edition 12 Jan 2004. 


About the author:

William J. Bahr is VP of IBEX Systems, a telecommunications manufacturers’ representative and reseller firm, which he helped found in 1992.  A graduate of West Point, Bill served five years in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, collecting three master’s degrees and working in Germany, Cambodia (the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh), and Korea before moving into commercial telecommunications business involving semiconductors, subsystems, and systems marketing, as well as communications management.  He has held marketing/sales directorships at Harris, Spartan, Rockwell, and Motorola and has written books and numerous magazine articles on academic, technical, and business-related subjects.  His work helped spark the revolution in facsimile machines.  In fact, if you have used a FAX, PC modem, or telephone, you have probably used one of his many products.  Numerous publications, including “Newsweek” and “The Washington Post,” have mentioned his work.  The prestigious magazine “Electronic Business” headlined one of his product developments as a "Secret Success Story."  The American Management Association heralded this same effort as doing business "Japanese-style to beat the Japanese at their own game."  A number of his other products have also received industry "Product of the Year" awards.  In addition to memberships and leadership positions in several professional groups, Bill is an active participant in Rotary International, where he has held office as club president and assistant district governor.  He is also a proud member of the VFW and CHARACTER COUNTS!, among other community service organizations. 

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PROFITABLE NEW PRODUCTS: Field-tested & proven profitable secrets of defining, designing, developing, & distributing new products. Discusses & lists (for easy reference) new product improvement techniques used by the author, W. Bahr, whose efforts have resulted in profitable business growth on the order of 40% per year.  One of his product developments current grossed a major company over a billion dollars annually for a decade.  Succinctly covers important business considerations relating to strategy & organization, competitive strategy, market strategy, business planning agendas, & other marketing issues. Includes 'Instant Productivity," a listing of numerous ways to easily generate new ideas, which helps provide inspiration to solve baffling business & personal problems (see above).  Only $5 +$1 postage & handling.   Satisfaction or money back.

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