Weight Loss 101


Strategy:  Quantification for Goal-driven Dieters

Tactics:  Verbalize your weight target 9 times just before going to sleep and after waking up.
Mentally say your weight target between each bite of food.
If you find you gain, as opposed to lose, weight, write down your weight goal 101 times! 

Use all other weight loss tricks, eg, publicize your weight goal.  It adds to the pressure to perform!       


Bill Bahr's Weight Goal:     189 pounds  

9/11/2010    195.8
9/05-9/10     196.0
9/04/2010    196.2
9/03/2010    196.4
9/02/2010    196.8
9/01/2010    197.0
8/31/2010    197.2
8/29-8/30    197.4
8/28/2010    198.2
8/27/2010    198.4
8/26/2010    198.6
8/25/2010    198.8

Copyright 2010-17 -- William J. Bahr


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For your consideration, here's another possible cause of indigestion: insufficient salt/sodium. With the emphasis on lots of "healthy" fruits and vegetables (both relatively high in potassium), the body does several things. First it loses the chloride of sodium chloride to make enough hydrochloric acid for digestion, which can lead to candidiasis and a leaky gut. Second, the lack of salt helps lower blood pressure to the point where nutrients are not forced into cells, resulting in fatigue and a downward health spiral, especially when under outside stress. Sometimes muscle cramps can be a blessing in disguise as an alert to lack of sodium (or magnesium, which balances with calcium). As famed nutrionist Adelle Davis wrote, a heartburn feeling can also be a symptom of lack of hydrochloric acid (and sodium chloride). Remember that cows on farms eagerly go to salt licks. A person who's not feeling well may benefit from a blood pressure check, as abnormally low blood pressure may be a symptom of trying to eat too "healthily." Balance in all things!