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48 Laws of Power 25-Jan-21
American Bastile: A History 3-Nov-20
American Bastille 7-Oct-20
American Bastille Part 1:  A History 3-Nov-20
American Bastille Part 2:  A History 3-Nov-20
American Bastille:  A History 3-Nov-20
American Bastille:  History of the Illegal Arrests (Civil War) 3-Nov-20
American Dialog:  The Founders and US 16-Oct-20
American Flag 3-Nov-20
American History in 50 Events 3-Nov-20
American Military History: From Colonials to Counterintelligence 3-Nov-20
American Revolution 3-Nov-20
American Revolution: England's Last Chance   (DVD) 8-Dec-20
American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act 3-Nov-20
American Revolutionary War Sites 2-Oct-20
American Spirit 2-Oct-20
American Story 3-Nov-20
Anatomy of Revolution 3-Nov-20
Ancient Regime and the Revolution (de Tocqueville) 3-Nov-20
Apostle of Liberty [Washington] 3-Nov-20
Archives de la Bastille 3-Nov-20
Arizona's War Town: Flagstaff 20-Oct-20
Armchair General (July 2013) 3-Nov-20
Bastille Falls 7-Oct-20
Bastille Falls 12-Oct-20
Bastille Spy 3-Nov-20
Bastille: A History of a Symbol of Despotism and Freedom 3-Nov-20
Battle of Guilford Courthouse 21-Mar-21
Battle Tested!  Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 2st Century Leaders 16-Oct-21
Benjamin Franklin's Book of Virtues 9-May-21
Berets, Baguettes, and Beyond 16-Oct-20
Black Flags, Blue Waters 3-Nov-20
Blood of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Blood of the Revolution 3-Nov-20
Bloodless Victory (Battle of New Orleans) 20-Oct-20
Bloodless Victory: The Battle of New Orleans 3-Nov-20
Bowlers, Brollies, and Brits 3-Nov-20
Boyd:  The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War 22-Nov-20
Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of Mount Vernon 12-Oct-20
Cause:  The American Revolution and its Discontents, 1773-1783 26-Oct-21
Certain to Win 6-Nov-20
Character Gap 7-Oct-20
Character of John Adams 3-Nov-20
Character:  Lessons Learned from a Character 12-Oct-20
Character: Lessons Learned from a Character 3-Nov-20
Christmas at Historic Houses 16-Oct-20
Citizen Soldiers and the Key to the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Citizens:  A Chronicle of the French Revolution 3-Nov-20
Civil War Walking History Book 20-Oct-20
Civil War Years [at Mount Vernon] 3-Nov-20
Company Commander 11-Nov-21
Contest for Liberty 3-Nov-20
Curious Histories of Provence 3-Nov-20
Curious Histories of Provence [France] 3-Nov-20
Cyberwar:  How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped… 12-Oct-20
David Humphrey's Life of General Washington 7-Oct-20
Day the Bastille Fell 3-Nov-20
Death of George Washington 3-Nov-20
Defence of Duffer's Drift 23-Aug-21
Defence of Duffer's Drift 24-Aug-21
Defence of Duffer's Drift 25-Aug-21
Defense of Hill 781 20-Aug-21
Den Rucken selfst heilen: Schmerzfrei werden und bleiben 20-Oct-20
Dignity in Death *Barbara Frandsen" 2-Oct-20
Dining with the Washingtons 3-Nov-20
Doing Justice by Preet Bharara 7-Oct-20
Duty, Honor or Country General Weedon 2-Oct-20
Early American Cookbook Authentic Recipes for the Modern Kitchen 13-Aug-21
Encyclopedia of the American Revolution 3-Nov-20
Enlightenment: The Pursuit of Happiness 1680-1790 26-Mar-21
Ephemeral Resurrection of the Bastille 16-Oct-20
Fall of the Bastille 12-Oct-20
Fall of the Bastille (Turning Points) 3-Nov-20
Fall of the Bastille (Turning Points) 3-Nov-20
Fall of the Bastille: Revolution in France 3-Nov-20
Famous Assassinations 16-Oct-20
Fears of a Setting Sun:  The Disillusionment of America's Founders 6-Mar-21
Fifty-five Fathers 3-Nov-20
Fire Road: The Napalm Girl's Journey 7-Oct-20
First and Always: A New Portrait of George Washington 11-May-21
First Conspiracy:  The Secret Plot to Kill George W 12-Oct-20
First Entrepreneur:  How George Washington Built…Prosperity 9-Aug-21
First to One Hundred: History [Chicago Auto Shows] 3-Nov-20
First to One Hundred: History [Chicago Auto Shows] 3-Nov-20
Founders at Home 3-Nov-20
Founding Fathers:  Quotes, Quips, and Speeches 16-Oct-20
Founding Fathers:  The Essential Guide 2-Oct-20
Founding Fathers:  The Men Who Shaped Our Nation…. 17-Feb-21
Fourteenth of July and the Taking of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Frederick The Great On The Art Of War 2-Oct-20
Freemasons: A History 3-Nov-20
French Holidays & Traditions 16-Oct-20
French Revolution: From Enlightenment to Tyranny 3-Nov-20
From Pigeons to Tweets 25-Mar-21
Gaius Marius:  Life/Legacy of General Who Reformed Roman Army 1-Feb-21
General in the Garden 3-Nov-20
Genius of George Washington 18-Nov-20
George Washington [Hourly History] 3-Nov-20
George Washington Dealmaker-in-Chief 7-Jul-21
George Washington On Leadership 3-Nov-20
George Washington, Entrepreneur 12-Oct-20
George Washington, Nationalist 3-Nov-20
George Washington: A Life in Books 16-Oct-20
George Washington: A Photographic Story of a Life 3-Nov-20
George Washington: Man and Monument 3-Nov-20
George Washington: Music for First President 14-Nov-20
George Washington: The  Wonder of the Age 3-Nov-20
George Washington: The Founding Father 3-Nov-20
George Washington: The Political Rise of America's Founding Father 10-Feb-21
George Washington: We Fight to be Free 3-Nov-20
George Washington's 1791 Southern Tour 16-Oct-20
George Washington's Eye 3-Nov-20
George Washington's Leadership Lessons 3-Nov-20
George Washington's Military Genius 3-Nov-20
George Washington's Mount Vernon 3-Nov-20
George Washington's Mount Vernon: Lives Bound Together 3-Nov-20
George Washington's New Jersey 1-Feb-21
George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior 3-Nov-20
George Washington's Rules to Live By 16-Sep-18
George Washington's Spy 13-Nov-20
George Washington On Leadershipo 3-Nov-20
George-isms: The 110 Rules George Washington Lived by 20-Oct-20
Give Me Liberty 3-Nov-20
Glorious Revolution 12-Oct-20
Greek Tales for Tiny Tots 12-Oct-20
Guard of Honor 3-Nov-20
Gulf Theater, 1813-1815 20-Oct-20
Gunpowder 8-May-21
Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard & Being Broke in the… 20-Oct-20
Hero and Spy 3-Nov-20
How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life 3-Nov-20
How To Lead 2-Oct-20
How Washington Got His Gunpowder 16-Nov-20
If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty 3-Nov-20
In the Hands of Good Providence 3-Nov-20
In the Hurricane's Eye: The Genius of George Washington 16-Oct-20
Indian World of George Washington 3-Nov-20
Indispensables 19-May-21
Influence 4-Jan-21
Interpreting the French Revolution 3-Nov-20
Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers 3-Nov-20
Invisibles: Untold Story of Slaves in the White House 3-Nov-20
Ireland Mosaic 3-Nov-20
Irish Geneaology 3-Nov-20
Irish Pubs 3-Nov-20
Jeff Bezos:  Tech Entrepreneur and Businessman 12-Oct-20
Just and Unjust Wars 23-Jan-21
Just War Reconsidered 3-Nov-20
Justice [Mount Vernon Bastille Key Mystery] 12-Oct-20
Key of Liberty 3-Nov-20
Key to American Independence 19-Mar-21
Keys of the Bastille of Paris 3-Nov-20
Killers of the Flower Moon 3-Nov-20
La Bastille:  Mysteres et Secrets D'Une Prise D'etat 16-Oct-20
La Bastille ou l'enfer des vivants 3-Nov-20
Lafayette 3-Nov-20
Lake Champlain: Key to Liberty 3-Nov-20
Landmarks of the American Revolution 3-Nov-20
Last Will of George Washington, to Which Is Appended… 20-Oct-20
Leaders:  Myth and Reality by Stanley McChrystal 12-Oct-20
Leadership in the Balance 3-Nov-20
Leading Without Authority 2-Oct-20
Lectures on the French Revolution 12-Oct-20
Legends of the Renaissance:  Machiavelli 16-Apr-21
Liberty:  Don Troiani's Paintings of the Revolutionary War 28-Oct-21
Liberty Key:  The Story of the New Hampshire Constitution 3-Nov-20
Limits of Glory:  A Novel of Waterloo 18-Oct-21
Lives Bound Together (GW and his slaves) 12-Oct-20
Making of King Henry VIII 11-Jun-21
Man of War:  My Adventures in the World of Historical Reenactment 3-Nov-20
Marquis de La Fayette's Statement of his Own Conduct 3-Nov-20
Maxims of Washington 3-Nov-20
Maxims of Washington 3-Nov-20
Maxims of Washington 3-Nov-20
Maxims of Washington 24-Nov-20
Memoirs of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Men Who Built America 6-Feb-21
Men Who Built America:  Frontiersmen 13-Feb-21
Mental Pickpocketing: How to Get to the Truth…. 12-Oct-20
More Perfect Union 3-Nov-20
Mount Vernon Love Story 3-Nov-20
Mount Vernon: Home of George Washington 3-Nov-20
Mount Vernon: The Civil War Years 12-Oct-20
Mount Vernon: The History of George Washington's Famous Pl 3-Nov-20
Mud and Guts [Bill Mauldin] 3-Nov-20
My Little Golden Book About George Washington 3-Nov-20
Networlding 3-Nov-20
New World Begins [French Revolution] 3-Nov-20
North of the Raritan Lotss 3-Nov-20
Of Their Own Accord 3-Nov-20
Officer's Manual: Napoleon's Maxims of War 3-Nov-20
On Tyranny 12-Oct-20
On War and Leadership: The Words of Combat Commanders… 19-Feb-21
Only Unavoidable Subject of Regret 7-Oct-20
Out of the Valley 3-Nov-20
Oxford History of the French Revolution 3-Nov-20
Papers of George Washington: Revolutionary War Series 9 3-Nov-20
Passionate Sage [John Adams] 3-Nov-20
Pershing's Lieutenants 6-Jan-21
Piano & Keyboard Chords 3-Nov-20
Platoon Leader: A Memoir of Command in Combat 27-Aug-21
Platoon Leader:  A Memoir of Command in Combat — DVD 5-Sep-21
Platoon Leader: A Memoir of Command in Combat — VHS 28-Aug-21
Point Sixty:  Life and Travels 7-Oct-20
Power and Liberty:  Constitutionalism in the American Revolution 7-Sep-21
Powerful Mind: The Self-Education of George Washington 3-Nov-20
Presidency of George Washington 15-Nov-20
Presidential Pets 11-Nov-20
Presidents: Noted Historians Rank  X 2-Oct-20
Pretenders to the Throne: A Cautionary Tale 3-Nov-20
Quotations of George Washington 7-Mar-19
Responsibility Rebellion 2-Oct-20
Revolution Song: A Story of American Freedom 3-Nov-20
Revolutionary War and the Military Policy of the United States 3-Nov-20
Revolutionary War Walking History Book 20-Oct-20
River and the Rock 3-Nov-20
Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour 3-Nov-20
Run, Don't Walk 3-Nov-20
Sappers in the Wire (Vietnam) 20-Oct-20
Science of Influence 21-Nov-20
Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat 3-Nov-20
Short Biography of Martha Washington 3-Nov-20
Short History of the French Revolution 3-Nov-20
Short Introduction to the Storming of the Bastille 7-Oct-20
Signing Their Lives Away 3-Nov-20
Sous les paves, la Bastille 20-Oct-20
Spies at Mount Vernon 12-Oct-20
Starting with Character 11-Mar-19
Storming of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Strategic Interaction 3-Nov-20
Strategic Theory for the 21st Century 7-Oct-20
Strategic Thinking (DK Essential Managers) 21-Mar-21
Strategy:  A History 17-Jan-21
Strategy of Victory 3-Nov-20
Taking of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Taste of Nice [France] 3-Jul-17
Tavern at the Ferry 3-Nov-20
Taverns of the American Revolution 16-Oct-20
Thirteen Tactics for Realistic Radicals 15-Apr-21
Ties That Bound: Founding First Ladies and Slaves 16-Oct-20
Top Teamwork 12-Sep-20
Tragedy of Benedict Arnold 2-Oct-20
True amd minute account of the Destruction of the Bastille 3-Nov-20
Twelve Who Ruled 3-Nov-20
Twighlight of the American Century 12-Oct-20
Unexpected George Washington 3-Nov-20
Unexpected President: Life and Times of Chester A. Arthur 12-Feb-19
Victor Lustig: The Life and Legacy [Con Artist] 3-Nov-20
War as I knew it Patton 2-Oct-20
Washington  — DVD 3-Sep-21
Washington:  A Life 3-Nov-20
Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary route and the… 20-Oct-20
Washington's 1791 Southern Tour 3-Nov-20
Washington's Spies 7-Oct-20
West Point Way of Leadership 20-Jan-21
Who's Got Your Back? 3-Nov-20
Who's Got Your Back? 3-Nov-20
Why We Won the American Revolution 7-Oct-20
Widow Washington 3-Nov-20
Winning Independence 18-May-21
Winter Patriots 3-Nov-20
Winter Spy 13-Dec-20
Words for Warriors 3-Nov-20
Wright Brothers 3-Nov-20
Wright Brothers by David McCullough 12-Oct-20
Young Washington 3-Nov-20
Your Next Five Moves 31-Dec-20

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